Grove Hill Arts Council Art Education Program

The Grove Hill Council has developed an exceptional Art Education Program where students, artists, teachers, and volunteers experience a great educational week of art. This is a very well-organized event that teachers, students, and administrators look forward to each year. The program is designed for all third graders in the Clarke County School System take a fieldtrip to Studio 122, the Grove Hill Cultural Art Center, to learn about art and do hands-on activities. At the Center, students rotate through six different stations; each station has an artist and volunteers giving lessons and helping students make art. The following stations are set up for the students: sculpture, oils, screen printing, sketching, acrylic, and watercolors. Teachers and students learn art terms and definitions, art styles, art types, and art history. They learn different mediums and different art techniques. When the students leave, they are given a brochure about the Grove Hill Arts Council, along with a letter to the parents with suggestions of ways to help children continue to experience and appreciate art.
There is no cost for this program because it is funded through the O’Meila Foundation and the Harrigan Foundation, as well as ALA-TOM. We had 14 artists here, and 26 volunteers; neither are paid. We will have approximately $5,304 in in-kind contributions.