2017 Projects

Butler Senior Center: Replace the roof on the center.

Silas Auditorium Parking Step Rails: Install Hand rails for steps which provide ground level parking.

2016-2017 Sr. Ambassador Scholarship: 8 High School Seniors from the local public & private county schools will assist the chamber with community events and projects to earn a scholarship.

Butler Children’s Program: Provide learning and creative activities for local children during the summer.

SenioRx Program: Help seniors and disabled clients receiving prescription drug assistance.

Access & Beauty: Handicap access ramp, drainage and general landscaping.

Clarke County Beekeepers: To better educate the public as to the importance of bees and Food production through pollination and why not to destroy them.

Parking Lot Repairs: To fix the parking area with new gravel and holes filled.

ATRC Cares Plan: Alabama Cares is a program designed to support family caregivers by providing training, assistance, and resources to help them take care of their aging loved ones and themselves. Alabama Cares strives to keep families together and to allow seniors to age at home instead of in costly long term care facilities.

Grove Hill Art Council’s Art Education Program: 3rd grade students & teachers in Clarke County, including home schools rotate through six stations of art including, sculpture, oils, sketching, acrylics, screen printing & watercolors.

Project Learn: Supplying an afterschool teacher to help children with homework.

The Dannon Project: Provide community-based healthy lifestyle services that includes free community-based services, health screening, dance, walking groups, family health portraits workshop.

Hippy Conecuh: Home based parent involvement school readiness program, of children who are 3, 4, and 5 year olds.

Green Thumb: Students will create a school garden and add mulch, flowers, and shrubs to the existing flower beds to add to the beautification of the school.

Zipline: To provide outdoor activity that promotes exercise.

Hillcrest High School FFA Tunnel House: The Hillcrest High School FFA Chapter purchase a tunnel house.

Cogongrass Control Assistance: Cogongrass is a world-class weed that is invading Alabama. It covers most uncultivated lands.

“Move em and Stack em Up”: The Conecuh County Agricultural Complex is in need of a set of scales that will allow livestock to be weighed for Fat Calf Shows and Pig Squeal events.

Evergreen, Let’s Grow Together: This project will allow the expansion of our local farmer’s markets.

Blooming with Pride: To add trees, scrubs, plants and flowers, to the Sparta Academy campus.

Whiteboards for Thinking outside the Box: Install smartboards on the walls of a classroom.

Tremont School Roof Replacement: Begin the renovations process by professional architectural design.

Bogue Chitto Revitalization Cultural Enrichment Project: This project will be an organized instructional program that will offer opportunities for underserved senior citizens and at-risk youth.

ArtsRevive Tale Tellin in the Schools 2016: Alabama Tale Tellin Festival each October. Added a limited Tale

Tellin in the Schools offering 6 school visits that was widely accepted and teachers asked for more.

Camp Grist Park Enhancement Project: To create a safe environment for park attendees and also to enhance the facilities, park equipment and ground furnishings.

Fitness Fun for Kids of All Ages: YMCA will add pull up bars and ropes in the gymnasium to enhance family and youth fitness.

Selma-Dallas County Promotions: Providing quality print materials that contain accurate information to visitors will increase the Positive Perception of the Selma area and encourage repeat visits.

Selma Area Food Bank: Replace roof on 50-year-old building which was recently donated to food bank.

Sweet Water High School Baseball Backstop: Purchase a new backstop for the baseball fields.

Bathroom & Structure Renovation: To provide educational, recreational, cultural, and lifelong learning opportunities offered for youth and adults.

Chilly Fest: Chilly Fest includes music, a carnival, vendors, chili off, a parade, and a firework show.

Theo Ratliff Center Computer/ Tutoring: This project will provide additional computers to enhance an after school tutoring program for approximately 100 students, ages 6-17.

Adult Books: Enlarge our collections of large print books to accommodate the handicapped, elderly, and disabled readers.

Elementary Technology Standards: This project will provide easy Tech, an online program that equips students with critical literacy skills that includes key boarding, word processing, digital citizenship, and online safety. Students in grades 1-6 will be included.

South Marengo Youth Initiative: Conduct Sessions bringing local students together to work and build responsibility.

Visit Monroeville Website: To build a visitor focused website, enhance the experience, and increase tourism.

Veteran’s Memorial Park Phase 2: Granite monument with military emblems engraved, 7 25-foot flag poles to display each branch of the military flags.

Jones House: Fix the electrical and plumbing.

Beatrice Pacers Community Garden: Students will have hands on experience of growing vegetables, and learn the proper way to raising fish.

Education Outreach: Is a two-day event where living history demonstrations teaches visiting school children how rural Alabamians lived and worked.

Early Literacy Station Computer Education: To enhance literacy and learning skills, for elementary students, who do not have access to computers at home.

Sowing Knowledge Growing Leaders: The SCHS FFA will build a chicken coop for AG learning and experience purpose along with raised beds for gardening.

MMI Ala-TOM Perry County Scholarship Grant: 5 Scholarships given to current MMI cadets

Marion Downtown Renewal Phase 3: redesigning and renewing of the landscape in downtown Marion by removing old, unattractive plants and replacing them with new landscaping.

The Adventure Begins with Kayaks: Encourage paddling sports providing resources to families in the area.

St. Stephens Historical Park Electrical Upgrade: Purchase new lighting with in the park.

Archive Preservation Project: Preserve and store artifacts, documents, photos, and other items pertaining to our heritage in the museum.

Library Technology Project: Provide free access to computers and high-speed wireless internet to everyone.

Avenue of Flags: To purchase American Flags and mounting brackets on Broad Street, and also show Towns patriotism.

Sunny South United: Installed a AC unit and replaced old tables.

Coy Volunteer Fire Dept.: Purchased radios, tripods, generator, chainsaws and items for disasters.

Jefferson Street Park: Beautifying and upgrading the appearance of the community park.

Cops & Kids Project: To promote good will between students and cops.

BAMA Kids Educational Enrichment: Help conduct and after school program for students.

Wilcox Works, Inc.: We provide work ethics training, business etiquette, hands-on-training, workshops on interview skills, resume writing and free-to student college courses, job fairs, etc.

Lower Peachtree Volunteer Fire Department: Replace old hoses, nozzles and breaks on the firetruck.

Alberta Playground: The replacement of rusty and old broken playground equipment.

E.C.I Greenhouse Project: Restore and repair the community greenhouse for residents of Chatom.

Perry Co. Sheriff’s Personnel Safety: Purchase 4 law enforcement tasers.

Perry Co. Vol Fire Dept: Purchased 12 new laptops for training and reporting for all fire depts. In the county.

Clean Culvert Project: Purchase a culvert Cleaner to be used throughout the county.