Tremont School Roof Replacement Design

This project is for professional architectural design for roof replacement, drainage solution from roof runoff, and parapet repair/stabilization.  This will include assessment of needed deck replacement where rot has occurred due to water leaks on old roof, and consideration of alternatives to existing roof design and cover materials.  This circa 1913 school was used only as a storage facility for the Selma City School system after it ceased usage as an actual school in the late 1960’s.  Maintenance was essentially nonexistent, and the roof (possibly the original one) consisting of three different types of materials show evidence of patching, but many leaks led to damage to roof decking, walls, and floors, as well the parapet around the top.  Water incursion into the walls of the building endanger the continue structural stability if not addressed.  The owner of the building, the City of Selma, after verifying with the Selma City School System that the building was no longer needed,  gifted it to the Selma Dallas County Historic Preservation Society in 2009 with stipulations that certain repairs must be made within a specified period of time.  In the following months, the front windows were replaced and storm windows added, roof repairs were made on a limited basis, and electrical service to main floor was repaired to provide safe lighting and general cleanup of grounds and some painting of exterior surfaces was done, with $81,000 spent on these repairs.  It was not realized at that time how seriously damaged the roof really was, but as the building was entered periodically, wet floors were noticed along with mold and rot in several places.    During a feasibility study with an architect, structural engineer and roofing consultant, it became apparent that continued patching would be inadequate and a total roof replacement was the best option.  The necessity for a roof replacement and related corrective measures became a priority of the Selma-Dallas County Historic Society.  There will be extensive renovation needed on the interior before it is usable for its intended purpose of a performing arts center, community center, and historic workshops/job training center, but budget constraints make this a matter of prioritization, and the roof must be replaced as soon as possible or the rest will be irrelevant.