Visit Monroeville Website

As a result of a study undertaken in 2016 with the University of Alabama Manderson School of Business it was recommended that the Chamber build a website,, which would be a responsive, visitor-focused website.  The chamber, through partnerships, has accomplished putting this new website together, and it provides a comprehensive, easy to use guide to Monroeville and the surrounding areas.  The chamber has contracted with Advance Travel and Tourism to execute a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process, which will make the site easy to reach.  The website is viewable across all platforms, and updates to the site, as well as enhancements, are managed by Chamber of Commerce Staff.  The benefits are:  (1) increase web traffic, monitored by Google Analytics (2) bring more tourists to the area by raising awareness (3) increase traffic to area businesses by showcasing them on the tourism website.  This is an economic development project. is a vehicle for increasing tourism and bringing new money into our community–a proactive approach to enticing people to visit our area, and making it easy for them.