Wilcox Works, Inc. Workforce Development Program

This year the focus of Wilcox Works (WW) has been to strengthen current partnerships and develop new partners to combine efforts that will improve the lives of Wilcox citizens.  This effort began with a board meeting naming a new executive director, followed by a Partner Meeting held at the WW facility on April 17, 2017.  Twenty-three partners participated representing several organizations including the Wilcox County Commission, AIDT, Pioneer Electric, BAMA kids, Reid State Community College, Wilcox County Extension Office, Coastal Alabama Community College, the Alabama Career Center Service, SAWDC, Simon’s International, GD Copper, USA, and Wilcox Works board members.  At this meeting we discussed the workforce training needs and the employer’s needs.  Essential workplace training was once again the largest gap that employers see in the workforce.

Wilcox Works emphasizes the foundational skills for citizens to be ready to successfully perform on the job. This training will build confidence that personal skills meet the needs of the local employers. It will help them develop a better understanding of employers’ requirements for job performance. Wilcox Works provides a short-term class called the Employment Prep Course. The duration of this class is five days. The topics covered are:

–Basic Math
–Precision Measurement
–Plant Safety
–Ethics – How Much Do You Know?
–Attendance and Punctuality
–Neat Appearance and Appropriate Clothes for the Interview and Job
–Keep Busy/Stay Productive
–Maintain Poise
–Basic Computer Skills
–Writing a Resume
–Interviewing Refresher

In addition to this training, a focus is on support services that assist the students with job obtainment and keeping the job. The Alabama Career Center System staffs a representative onsite one day per week to assist students with applying for a job through joblink.alabama.gov. This representative will also acquire information from the student to determine the student’s eligibility for On the Job Training benefits.