Zip Line

For years, our farm host several events and farm visits for non-profit groups.  So many youths now on social media, computer games we felt we needed a physical and fun activity that didn’t require skill.   Our idea was a Zip Line which is exhilarating and completely safe.

Zip Line consists of a 20′ 5×5 tower with a series of wrap around stairs and hand rails. It has a steel air craft cable attached to a 30′ pole.  The Zip Line rider is fitted with a helmet, harness and straps attached to a steel trolley and carabiner.   The rider is assisted with attaching the strap, lays back into the harness and proceeds down at 360′ cable through the trees, across land and water and into a landing zone where the ride is stopped by a bungee brake system. They are then assisted with dismount and disconnected from cable and harness and equipment removed.